Интервью с Dianne Hackborn... а ведь оно так и есть :(

Q : Shintaro : What are your personal views of Zeta?

A : I doubt you really want to know, however…

Personally I find Zeta depressing. From what I have seen, it is basically the work we had in progress at Be plus various things dumped on top. Unfortunately what we had at Be was half–finished, if that. I hate seeing all of the half–finished parts of the UI being thrown around as a real product. I worked on a number of the things in there, and find it personally embarrassing that it is being presented that way. (It's enjoyable showing work in progress… but always with the caveat that it is under development, and not finished, and certainly not something you are going to ask people to pay for.)

Of course, I guess I shouldn't be all -that- embarrassed, because Yellow Tab doesn't seem to make much effort to point out that most of what they are selling is work that was done by the engineers at Be.

But ultimately I don't care all that much about any of this, because BeOS is dead and in my opinion anything that happens now is about as relevant to the rest of the world as the continual attempts to resurrect the Amiga. It's time to move on.

Re(2):Интервью с Dianne Hackborn... а ведь оно так и есть :(

A gde polnoe interv'u lejit??

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