Какого хрена?

Вдруг OpenBeOS showimage стал под лицензией MIT/BSD

Re(2):Какого хрена?

Потому что весь OBOS под этой лицензией.

Re(3):Какого хрена?

Ну ладно

Re(4):Какого хрена?

To: kaz@naan.net
From: “BiPolar”
Subject: about MuTerminal
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 00:32:27 -0300 ART


I am a (very) happy user of your mighty program: Muterminal 2.0 for
My name is Oscar Lesta. I'm Argentinian (just to inform you, not to
make you feel sorry for me, he he!).

I've being using MuTerminal for a while (I have even made some small
changes in the GUI, hiding/unhiding of the scrollbar, rearrangement of
menu items, fixed some localization issues and things like that) and I
think that it is a great replacement for Be's original Terminal app.

I really don't know if you are still developing this program, but I
have to ask you:
Is there any chance of that you change the license from GPL to MIT/BSD?

If you do so, then the OpenBeOS Team (http://open–beos.sourceforge.net)
could use your app as a Terminal Replacement in the future release of
their O.S.

In case you aren't developing it anymore: maybe you can “donate” your
code to beunited.org (http://www.beunited.org). They are making
standars for BeOS compatible O.S., and continuing the development of
several applications for BeOS that original authors have donated to the
BeOS Community.

About the license: I understand that part of your code depends on
libconv, which is under GPL, but that part can be replaced with they
counterpart from OpenBeOS, with is under a MIT/BSD like license.

Thanks for your time, and thanks again for MuTerm!



Re(5):Какого хрена?


Re(2):Какого хрена?

ИМХО BSD — самая нормальная лицензия

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