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А вот ещё PhosphurOS Beta Team NewsLetter # 3, Joseph D. Groover, JR

Howdy everyone!

I would just like let y'all know what I have decided for inclusion in
the final beta 4 mini–release. And let y'all know that I am still on
target for a release this week–end.

The Multi–User login is complete, and functioning with no known issues
on my system so far.

The Control Panel has only a few kilo–bytes of more code before it is
complete. Meaning tonight I shoud be done with it.

The LoonQuickLauncher still has not made its way into the Deskbar, but
that is only because I have been spending my time setting up LoonOT for
acceptance of such items.

SVG Tracker will not be included, as I have verified that yT has
legally purchased the rights to the one I had in my possession. As
such, a modified OpenTracker (dubbed LoonOT) will be used, and will, in
time, come to support 128x128x32 PNG Icons. In the meantime, I will be
integrating the dithering engine from OpenBeOS's ShowImage into Tracker
and test to see the results. Meaning all icons should become smoother.
If I like the results, the modified icons will be saved and marked and
the smoothed icon used for default. I may find it better to not save
the modded icon, and just remod them everytime. Who knows.

There are a few other items, such as a live Be menu, that shows all the
apps you have installed, instead of just those that explicitely add
links there, window decors + source to compile your own. But nothing
really special.

A pricing scheme has been decided upon for those opting for CDs.

Electronic Download: Free of course, but has less 'extras' to
keep distrobution small
Standard CD: $15, shipped in Lower 48 USA, $25 average
international, where permitted by law
Custom CD*: $25, USA, $35 average elsewhere (see above)

*Custom CD is modified for performance on your system. This is
achieved by moving drivers your system does not require.
And also possibly removing compatibility workarounds, if you do
not need those.
This may also include a fully configured server install.
You could choose to have or not have the MUS.
And purchasing this CD allows you access to the source code,
under a rather non–restrictive source code license, that you choose.
Source code is added for $5 per 100KB of resulting binary.
Normally $10 will get you whatever you want, as my binaries are small.
And a limited offer for Beta Team Members (and friends),
$10 for all source code created for PhOS. Under the same non–

Source License Overview:
Do with it as you will. Just have fun, make good products, and
don't use it on M$ platforms.

Okay, well, it is almost that simple! :–)

So, for all you who have just scanned through all that and are terribly
confused, I'll just say: “Hang on to your hats, because PhOS is almost

Just in time for the Christian Christmas(Dec 25th), Jewish Hannukah
(Dec 19th for 8 days), Pagan and Wiccan Yule (Dec 21st), and for anyone
else having festivites this time of year!

So happy holidays, and have a happy new Gregorian calendar year!

-–The loon ( Joseph D. Groover, JR )
perhaps the craziest person left!

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