Подробности про PhOS

Кто нибудь все–таки сообщит мне какие конкретно проги не работают под DANO

Ниже подробности про PhOS, если интересно ссылку на скачивание сообщю завтра (когда сам докачаю).

PhosphurOSis for the most part a distrobution of BeOS. This page details its design and layout, contents,
fixes, and bugs.

Development was halted prior to the "release" of this distrobution. Updates via the installer are the only means
of keeping your system up to date. No information is shared here on how to obtain any files that have
questionable content.


BeOS EXP / DANO (R5.1d0 or DANO)
Be Internet Applicance (BeIA)

kit inheritence (Where did we get each kit from?)

Application Kit 


Device KitВ


Developmen Kit

Lightly modified R5 kit

Game Kit


Interface KitВ


Kernel Kit


Mail Kit

Mail Daemon Replacement 2

Media Kit

Hybrid:В BeOS R5, DANO

Net Kit

Hybrid:В BONE 6, 7a, DANO

Networking Kit

See Net Kit

OpenGL Kit

Hybrid: OpenGL b9, DANO, Custom

Print Kit


Storage Kit


Support Kit


Translation Kit


kit modifications

Development kit:

Modified to take advantage of OpenGL. This will eventually be updated to be compatible with BONE. But as
PhOS is meant to not be a development environment per se, it is a very low priority.

Mail Kit:

Mail Daemon Replacement 2, was compiled specially for PhOS. No serious modifications were made. The next
version of the PhOS mail kit will be available as an update.

Media Kit:

The media kit is very much modified. The DANO media kit was too buggy to meet the high standards for
PhosphurOS. The bulk of this kit is from BeOS R5 PE. However, modification were made in most, but not all,
areas of the kit. Not all media kit servers are from R5 PE. Some are from DANO, but we will not go into that

Net and Networking Kits:

For compatibility, stability, and purely experimental reasons, PhosphurOS does not use a standard version of
the Net or Networking kit. Portions of BONE 6, BONE 7a were used to replace the DANO Net and Networking
kits. The end result is a slightly more trouble free networking system. However the DANO kernel gives us a
bug in relation to browsing CIFS mounts. This bug will be heavily worked in the coming weeks. An update will
be posted upon its death.

OpenGL Kit:

The DANO OpenGL kit was very much functional. However it had a broken OpenGL viewer, PhosphurOS
contains a functional OpenGL viewer compiled from source code (Be Sample Source License). The only video
cards known to work with this OpenGL are based on the ATI Radeon chipset.

Application Compatibility:

PhosphurOS greatly improves BeOS R5 application compatibility in comparison to DANO. However, a few
applications still do not work properly in PhOS. Many of the incompatibilities are now being attributed to new

BONE (Net and Networking kits):

BONE Dialer allows the creation of multiple dialup profiles. These profiles can differ in any and ever facet. Not
excluding modem initialization strings. In addition to this, PhOS comes with several pre–configured web servers.
And it also includes the excellent SoloFTP ftp server, which has been externally hacked to be "uncrashable."
The quotes are there because the server has been set to an infinite loop, restarting should one running copy
of the server should die. The problem with the server dying is actually the fault of the SoloFTP Configuration
GUI. PhosphurOS allows you to not even use this once it is configured.


PhosphurOS contains Dockbert, written by linn (BeShare nick). linn is not responsible for anything in regards
to Dockbert in PhOS. In addition to this, linn has made it known that he doesn't like the idea of it being
included. As such no updates of Dockbert will be made automatically. A custom Deskbar is in the works and
negotiations with linn for the future inclusion of Dockbert will continue. PhOS updates to the Tracker will likely
eventually kill compatibility with the version of Dockbert that was included in the original distrobution. In such
cases, a new Deskbar will be also included in the update.

Driver Compatibility:

If you find a driver for BeOS R5 it is pretty safe to assume it works with PhOS. The exception is for
networking device drivers.

Personal Java:

Personal Java was ripped from Wagner 1 and thrown in PhOS. Few apps have been made to work perfectly
with it, but with the wider availability of it, it just may gain in popularity.


PhosphurOS comes with the familiar R5 Development kit. Including BeIDE. It also comes with the
PackageBuilder version 4.5. PhosphurOS goes one better with the addition of Python 2.1 + Bethon 0.4.
This language is very simple to learn and understand. PhOS makes launching into the Python interpreter easy.
Just open the Be Menu goto Development, and click Python.


The Updater will help keep every part of the system up to date. Even the updater! It currently is required to
call the updater manually. The next re–write of the Updater will allow the automatic querying for new updates.


Various utilities have been added to make life a little easier. Things such as creating boot floppies, or
configuring the BeOS boot menu should not require a trip to Terminal land! And PhosphurOS includes a
graphical hard disk BFS checker (from R5). An update will allow The selection of which drive to check for
errors. ProcessController was added to give you a full–time view of your CPU and memory usage. Also you can
See which programs are using the most memory, and even ask them to quit, or force them to die (kill them).

luxury items
Background Images:

For you eye–candy lovers, PhOS includes some 40+ free background images. Many of which are very high


The biggest thing BeOS was known for were its demos. PhOS includes demos from every version of BeOS. Of
course only those that worked were actually included. A total of ten (10) demos were included for your
viewing pleasure. Two OpenGL demos (one hardware accelerated, one glut), a flight simulator, one that
demonstates the power of BeOS's messaging system (open two instances of BeBounce and move them close
together), and more!


This is perhaps the lowest point of this distrobution of BeOS/DANO. This will be updated occassionally now
that the ONE and ONLY distrobution effort of PhOS has occurred (May 15th, 2002). As of this writing, very
little exists. This will change as the local economies continue to slow (and therefor everyone gets more free
time). The updater will keep documentation up to date.


There are enough fonts in here to make you happy.. at least for a while. Of course, it will take the font demo
a while to go through all 200+ fonts.


Bored? Wanting to do something different, but nothing productive? Well, PhOS has ya covered. With its
included SDL libs, PhOS can play MANY games. It has also been successfully tested with a couple game
emulating engines. And of course, it comes with a couple games like Mahjong and StarCab…


PhOS was developed across the internet. As such this is an area where PhOS is well tested. For your
enjoyment and usability needs, PhOS brings you mozilla(Browser), Vision(IRC), BeShare(like IRC meets
FileSharing), Jabber (nag screen exists until you purchase it.. and tell looncraz) and of course web–servers.


Excellent DivX support thanks to the HybridDivX decoders and Nifty Player allow you to watch most any DivX
movie right from your hard drive! Video Lan Client, and open–source DVD player and much more is included for
your movie watching needs and desires. The EXCELLENT SoundPlay application is included (REGISTER: $12)
for the many audio philes in BeOS land. And of course, what would be complete without RealPlayer? The
PhOS version of RealPlayer does not allow Internet or Network sound streams.

Smoother Appearance:

A great deal of effort went into the look and feel of PhOS. It was meant to feel new. As such font smoothing
settings were adjusted, and window graphics were smoothened and made more 3d–ish. This was extended all
of the way into even Net+! Net+ was also given a nicer About Box (though much less informative). Also,
ZSnake adds to a very modern feel to the OS. As you go through menus, your path is highlighted very much
as it would be if it were a snake!

And of course there is more…

Things like pervasive multithreading, SMP support for *n* CPUs (as in any number) in the SMP configuration
on compatible chipsets are inherited from the base OS, BeOS. In a comparison from BeOS R5 cleanly installed,
and PhOS cleanly installed, PhOS will perform somewhere from 10 and 30% better in many tasks depending
on hardware. PhOS is also the first OS we know of that comes with ATA133 support! This may not be correct
however.*********** NOTE: Research <


This document was written by a person, and as such an be flawed. An effort has been made to be as correct
as possible, however there are certainly going to be some errors. If you find an error please report it to:
looncraz at yahoo.,com.

PhOS contains many items that were found on the internet. These items were assumed as being public
domain unless marked otherwise. If you find something that belongs to you, please notify looncraz at
yahoo.com with the name of the item and your name. If you wish for it to be removed, it will be. The
updater has all the power in the world, remember? ;–)

BeOS and BeIA are now the intellectual property of an unnamed subsidiary of Palm, INC. Be and the Be logo
are registered trademarks of Be, INC.

For more Information, click on the Legal Junk link to the left. If you do not see it, then it is not there yet (or
your screen resolution is too low).
In case you did not know. This site is for informational purposes only. It does not contain any illegal or even
slightly questionable content. Of course this should be pretty obvious. ;–)

Ну я сообщу

Про все конечно не знаю. Мне не хватает Uninstaller'а, у которого не работает ГУИ, и неработающая Самба.

Ну я сообщу

uninstall1.3.1.pkg.zip для него обязательно установить — SpLocale_d_x86.pkg.zip(для dano) по моему есть на bebits.ru.
Вместо Самба попробуй CIFS–Mounter, WON–CIFS (может BeServed чем поможет).

P.s. сообщайте еще про проги которые не работают под Dano.

Не пашут проги, не пашут...

Перечисляю без лишних слов: Easel, c SoundPlay'ем небольшие проблемки :), Beshare (не помню точно какой по счету, может последние уже и работают).. вот больше припомню, а так все супер.


Это сначала анинстал требует СпЛокале, потом, когда его установишь, он чего–то нехорошее делает, точно не помню, но не запускается, сука. Что точно пишет, напишу, когда буду в БиОси (щас в Винде).
Ну а насчет Самбы ты конечно загнул. У тех прог, которые ты назвал, цель совсем другая, кроме пожалуй BeServed. По релиз–ноте вроде как последняя версия делает шаровые папки на БиОсьной машине, но это "вроде как", кроме того, она платная, где же ее взять–то. А СИФС–Маунтером я успешно пользуюсь и всем рекомендую. Вот такие пироги, без Самбы никуда


Easel прекрасно работает, просто надо не лоховать и на сообщение об ошибке забить х..й, задвинув это окно куда подальше. Все. Можно смело работать с графикой. Кстати классная штука Easel, постоянно им пользуюсь. После Corel Photo–Paint, которым я пользуюсь в Винде, где на моем пне!!! 800 с 256 метрами ОЗУ все делается втечение минут, в Easel любая заминка вызывает удивление. Только вот чуть функций маловато, но так, совсем чуть–чуть.
С СаундПлейем никаких проблем никогда не было, единственное, он вырубается, когда пытаешься в плейлист HTML–файл закинуть. Ну и нехрен совать пальцы куда не надо. Вот так–то

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